SpiritWalking with Asa Hoffman

Aoife Anastasia: Perspectives on the Re-Emergence

July 13, 2020

In this episode, I talk with Aoife Anastasia: Esoteric Artist, Performer, Ritual Theatre Maker. Aoife Anastasia is an esoteric artist, performer, and ritual theatre maker, who for the last few decades has been living and performing on stages across the UK, but thanks to a random twist of fate is currently grounded with family in Ontario, Canada. Alongside her performing career, Aoife has completed her first Occult Musical based on the Elusian Mysteries, now in development. She is directing a series of plays and site-specific readings, based on the work of her Great Uncle T.H. Nally, Abbey Theatre playwright and personal friend of the great poet WB Yeats. She is a psychic medium, Seer, trance channel and occasional oracle, Priestess trained in the Elusian and Egyptian Mystery traditions, practitioner of ritual and planetary magic, workshop leader and celebrant of traditional Celtic wheel of the year ceremonies, landscape communicator and teacher of remote viewing, psychic development, and immersive astrology. Her current project, “Drawing Strength,” is a channeled visual art, spoken word, creative non-fiction exploration of the lives of great artists and how their grit and resilience can inspire us all in times of great uncertainty. Instagram: @strengthdrawing




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